What is Chokhi Dhani?
Located on the suburbs of Jaipur- The Pink City of India is Chokhi Dhani, replication of ethnic Rajasthani Village. Spread on more than 10 acres of land, Chokhi Dhani is synonymous with Rajasthani Culture since 1989. Built on typical Rajasthani theme, embedded with its rich heritage and lifestyle, it is a place where festivity never ends. Tradition infused with illustrious Rajasthani Hospitality makes Chokhi Dhani an unavoidable choice. Every day thousands of Inbound and Domestic Tourists and corporate clients congregate for a memorable experience.

Our Franchise
Opportunity to run your business with the best practices of industry. Save time, enjoy a risk-free and time-tested venture. No teething problems and right decision making always at hand. We not only initiate your business, we run it for you.........Profitably.
We have become a strong International Brand. Our USP- Ethnicity to the Core.
Anyone who has visited Chokhi Dhani Knows what we are, those who havent..., have heard about us. We will replicate our goodwill at franchise locations.
Quantum of business is high and repetitive.
15 years of successful management has taught us to tackle any and all issues
Market Analysis reports have identified the new client base. People who look for peaceful and entertainment filled evenings at an affordable cost.
This is a hard-core cash business. So no transaction cycle to worry for...
Perennial and all season business. So no overheads.
We will provide you all support... ...to grow...... with us.
Prerequisites for franchise
Land- 7- 8 acres
Suburbs, Close to the leading city, preferably on highway.
Investment- 1.5-2.0 crores

If you are interested in our Franchise Programme, please fill our "Franchise Form".

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